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Considering our Business Clients’ needs we introduce a special BIZNES URBANCARD offer. We provide comprehensive service of encoding public transport tickets on URBANCARDS at a client’s place. The service can be provided at a client’s place on condition that the minimal purchase of the term tickets encoded on the Wrocław URBANCARD will be 2000PLN.

The benefits you obtain when chose BIZNES URBANCARD service

  1. Saving time- an order is completed immediately after receiving payment

  2. Easy settlements and control of travelling costs settled by employees.

  3. More comfortable management of social budgets

  4. Comfort for the employees of your Company

How to order and get BIZNESURBANCARD service?

1. Order

An order can be placed personally at BOK ul. Grabiszyńska 9, by e-mail (, fax (071 321 12 44), Or send by post to URBANCARD Customer Service Center on a special ORDER FORM (download here) specifying the quantity and types of ordered term tickets in APPENDIX no. 1 – TERM TICKETS (download here).

2. Payment

The Order can be completed only if the payment was made for the whole Order in advance on the basis of a Pro forma Invoice issued by the Mint of Poland or after cash payment at BOK.

Please write the title of the transfer “payment for encoding tickets on Urbancard + name of the company”

3. Tickets encoding

After receiving the Order, a BOK URBANCARD consultant sets a term and place of meeting to complete the Order

4. Financial settlements

On the basis of a Pro forma Invoice, BOK URBANCARD prints a VAT Invoice and passes it to the Client when the order is in process.

Please inform our URBANCARD consultant, Tatiana Capsa, about any doubts
Tatiana Capsa
Key Customers Specialist

Wrocław URBANCARD Customer Service Center
Tel.: 0 691 01 41 11

Order form –
download here
Appendix no. 1 to the form (prices and types of tickets) – download here 

Order form –
download here
Appendix no. 1 to the form (prices and types of tickets) – download here