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Parking fees on the URBANCARD cards

In order to top up the payment on the URBANCARD, you need to come to the point of sale which offers parking fees sales (the list of points of sale can be found HERE). The minimum amount of the single card top-up is PLN 20. The maximum amount that can be encoded on the card is PLN 300. The sum loaded on the card enables you to pay for parking in the paid parking zone (in park meters).

Parking fees encoding on the URBANCARDS cards facilitates paying for parking in park meters - having encoded certain amount on the card, you do not need to look for the change to pay for parking.

In order to make a park meter payment with the URBARCARD (with encoded sum enough to pay for parking), you need to:
1. insert the card into a marked slot in the park meter (the park meter will display the card status - i.e. the amount of money encoded on the card)
2. select the parking time using the buttons marked 2 zł or 50 gr (the park meter will automatically charge appropriate amount from the card)
3. after approval, the park meter will print the confirmation of parking payment which must be placed in a visible place behind the windscreen.  

IMPORTANT! Encoding the parking fee on the card is not equivalent to making the payment in the park meter!
Full information on parking fees in the paid parking zone can be found on the system operator's website - ZDiUM (click HERE to go to the ZDiUM website)